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In-Home Training

No time to train?  No problem!  Drop your pup at daycare for the day and we will spend quality time within their schedule with focused one-on-one teaching.  You can request a behavior or leave the enrichment up to us.  A short 15 minute consultation must be completed prior to the first training session.

Daycare Training


Package of 5 daycare training sessions = $350 ($70/half-hour)

We ensure a Well Trained dog through private in-home instruction.  We pair with your dog working collaboratively with operant conditioning techniques, engaging them in the learning and enriching them in the process.  We will work independantly within your environment and then share the successful techniques with you and your family so that the learning continues after we leave.  These sessions can be teaching and/or troubleshooting through behavior modification.  One time consultation required for any in-home private lesson.

$125 per hour

Package of 10 daycare training sessions = $650 ($65/half-hour)

On your dog's journey to being Well Trained, we feel it's important to get to know your wishes and your dog's needs and history.  We will spend up to one hour with you collecting information, setting direction, and defining what resources and time commitment we best recommend as a fit for you and your dog.  One time consultation required for any in house private lesson.  Consultation services are also open to anyone who wants to simply spend time learning and developing their own knowledge and techniques to hone their behavior modification skills.  You will receive a training plan upon completion of this consultation.

Package of 5 in-home training sessions = $575 ($115/hour)

Consultation session = $35

$150 for 60 minute session*


$75 per half-hour

Package of 10 in-home training sessions = $1,000 ($100/hour)

*$50 will be applied to In-Home Training package

Private Dog Training